August 23, 2019
Captial Assets

Capital assets versus Revenue

One of the most contentious issues in business expenditure is the distinction between capital assets and revenue items of expenditure. Generally only revue items qualify as […]
August 23, 2019
Claiming expenses and working from Home

Working from Home and Claiming Expenses

Self Employed people often work from home and Claiming Expenses with advances in technology has made a more attractive option for a lot of business owners. […]



Annual accounts for tax compliance. Also for any business loan or mortgage applications.


Using your records and receipts we can provide an efficient, up-to-date bookkeeping service for or clients.


Whether you employ one or a large team of staff, we can calculate all you Tax, National Insurance, SSP etc and complete end of year returns.


From your invoices we can calculate and complete your quarterly VAT returns for submission to HM Revenue & Customs.

Our mission


Armstrong Accountants have extensive experience in
agricultural sector from a farming background.

Limited Companies

The tax benefits of trading through a limited company are
attractive for businesses with modest profits.